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Jambo Tree provides a wide range of top quality music and sounds for film directors,
producers, music supervisors, and visual creatives from our huge roster of world class
artists, composers, and record labels.

We offer digital distribution in a differentiated and secure way, for the main platforms in the

With offices in Sweden and Brazil, our dedicated team offers a one-stop licensing model,
carefully selecting from our extensive and diverse music catalogue to find the right track to
fulfil your brief as well as handling all licensing, negotiations, rights issues, and contracts.

Our goal is to provide a full service, 360 degree sync solution for the film industry, matching world class musical talent to film makers’ unique vision at a price that’s affordable to auteurs and independent directors as well as studios and more established players.

From the creative stage through to negotiations and execution, everything Jambo Tree does is on a dedicated, personal footing, ensuring you’re free to concentrate on other aspects of your creative endeavour. We know music, so you don’t have to.

Services: Services


Do you want to make your music avaliable on all major digital streaming platforms? 


We offer digital distribution in a differentiated and secure way, for the main platforms in the

music supervision

Do you have a visual project and require help finding the perfect soundtrack?

We can manage all musical aspects of your project, from conception to execution, including
all legal aspects and clearance.

diverse &

high quality music

We work with a wide range of artists and musical styles, so we can offer high-quality music tailored precisely to your needs.


Our straightforward process ensures that both artists and
visual media professionals get transparency and good value.


& synch

Once you’ve found the perfect sounds for your project, we take care of clearance, negotiating and tailoring all contracts to your specific requirements and ensuring all legal
aspects are taken care of.



& disribution

We also co-produce films and offer distribution services to TV, streaming platforms, and airlines, making sure your project reaches its target audience.

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