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The Gift

Pop • Energy • Indie

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The Gift is an indie band with a sound that ranges from pop rock to electronica using elegant arrangements that include anything from strings to subtle analogue synthesizers. 

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"[...] a fantastic collection of songs that pull the listener into this vibrant, colourful world of different moods and interesting quirks; theatrical pop that brings in discordant synths and an intense, joyous expression of creative talent."

Roisin O’Connor

“An inspired collection of sonically inventive, discreetly thetrical pop. Eno’s stamp is overt, but Sónia Tavares’ resonant voice is the star”

Wyndham Wallace

“The band embraces a cosmopolitan approach to songwriting that melds a plethora of musical influences into a pop style that is both familiar and adventurous.”

Matt the Raven

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The Gift

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