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Sofi Bonde

Pop • Rock 

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Sofi Bonde is a Swedish pop/rock singer that hit the scene with her debut album One in 2001. The small-framed blonde powerhouse will surprise you with her vocal presence. Her music straddles the lines between pop and rock, with the latter taking more of the lead as the guitar riffs drives the songs.


Sofi Bonde’s singing is sexy, laid-back, even nonchalant at times. There is a punkish attitude to the bridges as the songs pushes along its earworm melodies and her songs are very visual which perfectly suit for big screen movies and TV commercials.

Sofi Bonde
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All Up To Me – Princess Diaries MTV trailer (2008) 

Out Of Space – What Chilli Wants, The Hills (2008)

LA – Melrose Place (2009)

Heart Bling – When in Rome, Tough Love (2009)
Win Some Day – "Entourage" (2010)
Hollywood Hills - Greenhouse Academy (2017)

Lyckligare kan ingen vara (2018)

In An Ambulance - Greenhouse Academy (2019)

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Sofi Bonde
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